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Last update:  September 2007

This is really a hotel of high standing, and we were very content with it. But there was only one problem - the breakfast in the hotel was almost the same as in every other hotel in Sunny Beach. Actually there is a great number of choices, but everything is somehow tasteless and slightly spiced, and the crispy bread rolls are something unfamiliar. I cannot evaluate the dinner because we have booked only a breakfast.

But now up to the positive sides: we have occupied a four star apartment and each of us had a very cozy room with a big bathroom. We were impressed b the large shower cabin. It was very long and so wide, that the curtains didn’t stick on the body. There was even a hair- dryer.In the very room there was a big mirror, an air- conditioner, a TV, a fridge and a lot of cupboards. There were also two chairs, a stood and a table, and a balcony as well. The towels were changed every day and the room was regularly cleaned.

 The reception and the lobby were vast and nicely arranged.

At the reception at least one of the receptionists knew German. The manager also spoke German. The special request (waking up at 4:30 am) was accurately done. On the photo you see a chambermaid.There were always two chambermaids in action at the lobby.

We couldn’t understand their way of working, tough. One was wiping and the other was following her, but it was working - it was always clean.

And now the view outside:

The manager of the hotel (in front), the manager of the restaurant (in the middle) and the Chef

The reception-staff

Of course we used the pool stand, because we hadn’t forgotten the maxim that the money belongs to Economics. (***)  The attractive girls, who were working there had meager foreign language knowledge. But of course, our orders in German or English were understood. And here a piece of advice: make your orders clearly and distinctly, without any unnecessary remarks, because the girls want only to know what you want and not why.

(***) This is a German word game: ‘Wirtschaft’ can be used for ‘Economics’ as well as for ‘pub’.

 The prices at the bar were really attractive. 0,3l. Bulgarian lager beer costed 1.5 leva, a cocktail 'Sex on the beach'- 6 leva. When I once ordered 'First Sex on the beach and then Sex on the beach' the bartender wagged her finger at me...So Dani also had a sense of humour and my Bulgarian was understandable.

 This is Tsetsi. She is always ready for jokes.

 Here the doctor of the hotel is just having a rest at the bar.

This young lady is called Dani. This short form of the names is very common in Bulgaria.

And here you see the 'captain- bartender' Ani:

Here you see me together with Vessi, a young Bulgarian girl. She is at 11th grade in German Language High School in Burgas and already speaks very good German. When she is not at school she earns money working at the pool stand and in the restaurant of the hotel. Her great dream is to spend one of her holidays in Germany.

 Vessi with Angelo (left) and Valentin

Here you see Horst and I together with Elena in the restaurant of the hotel. Here you can have a good snack from the menu.

They made us scrambled eggs and pancakes.

Two major changes happened in 2007. There was an offer called “All Inclusive” for the British tourists and the tour agencies, specialized in sending youths from Germany. This means that the bar in the canteen is on the disposal only to those guests. In addition, those, paying cash could use the bar next to the swimming pool. The problem was connected with the accommodation of the ‘party- tourists’ and the families at the same time. The management of the hotel should think about this matter for the future.

There is animation for the kids as well as for the adults, offered since 2007. There were darts, gymnastics, and mini- disco and for the adults were provided cocktail games, miss and mister competition, cabaret and bingo.

Children love Vanya a lot: