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Yes, that’s right! What are you just reading is true! In November I went back to the Bulgarian seaside – at Sunny Beach as usual. The weather was simply fantastic! At noon the temperature raised above 20 degrees, so we could drink our beers outside in the garden wearing only t-shirts.

The journey was a little bit exhausting for the reason that we traveled by car. The starting point was Cologne, then we passed through Franconia, Austria, Vienna, Hungary and Romania to reach at the end Bulgaria. We crossed the Danube river in Ruse and then we took the road to Varna with final destination Sunny Beach.

We spent the night here

And got our drinks

As I expected, the journey through Franconia, Austria and Hungary ran without any problems because of the highways they have. You know, the good roads "save" kilometres. I was a little bit afraid of crossing Romania, but there was no reason to be worried at all! The roads (actually only at the end a highway) were in good condition and there were motels everywhere along the way. Some of the landscapes we saw were really charming. I’m a huge fan of Bulgaria but I need to confess that often Romanian villages are cleaner and more well-arranged than those in Bulgaria. That’s the truth.

In fact nothing really interesting happened at Sunny Beach this season. Almost everything was closed. However, some places like the Condor bar, Ganny, the Zarya hotel & restaurant, the Memory hotel & restaurant and the Fara were open.   

Typically for the winter season the beach was empty too. But it seemed there was a work in progress. The booths near Dune were down-and-out, the „Corner near Kuban“ too. What will happen here next season – we’ll see…

This is the place where the „Corner“ used to be

We stayed at the „Zarya“ hotel. It’s located in front of the bus station entrance and respectively only few metres away from Condor.

It is a modest hotel with a restaurant, mostly visited by Bulgarians. The restaurant offered Bulgarian dishes and drinks at low prices. In the evening we enjoyed Bulgarian live music. I really liked this place for this reason.

From left to right: Stely, Gyulche and Niki

This is the typical Bulgarian folk dance called „horo“

I was thrilled by the Bulgarian live music (mostly Chalga)!

The man with the black jacket you see on the picture was so astonished! His name is Nasko and we’ve known each other for some years. He could expect everything but not meeting me in November, out of the season, in a Bulgarian restaurant at Sunny Beach. He entered into the restaurant and when he saw me, he stopped, then looked at me once again and he got completely gobsmacked! And of course, how you can imagine, we  celebrated our unexpected meeting with a few beers.

In Kotel we visited Stancho, Tonka and their daughter Julia. Peter and Didi knew them from Sunny Beach. First we took some drinks all together at the square in the front of the municipality building. Then we went to their flat where we were feasted like kings. We got to know also the granny who proudly showed us the pictures from her youth. What of amusing hours we spent there!

On the way to Kotel

Entering the town of Kotel

A view from the window of  the sitting room

At the square in the front of the municipality building

From left to right: Tonka, Didi, Stancho and Peter

Didi and the granny

Peter and Julia

Of course we met also other friends of ours. I had a coffee with Toshko in „Djanny“ and I had a pizza with Snezha in King Kong in Nessebar. We visited Kalin in his village. Several times we met Penny and Ivan and her family as well.

with Snezha in King Kong

Penny’s parents Nikolai and Ani

Penny and Ivan

With Zhorzh and his dog

Penny‘s brother Koko liked the little dog too

A little bit disguised

Under the incredibly blue sky and over 20 degrees Celsius we enjoyed the port of Sveti Vlas and Elenite.

A view toward Sveti Vlas

The port

A view toward Elenite

in the Condor bar